A Growing Culture (Us)

A growing culture is a radical storytelling organisation committed to confronting unjust power in the food system, in the fight for global food sovereignty. Loren works to shift public perceptions of those who produce the world’s food. He believes in farmers having a prominent seat at the table — a seat threatened by industrial agriculture. He is the founder an Executive Director of AGC, and has earned recognition for his contributions to ecological agriculture. Rohan is a human rights activist in India, working as a writer and researcher at A Growing Culture. He’s passionate about working with radical peasant and worker struggles towards revolutionary praxis. His interests are in contributing to research-led storytelling to challenge dominant narratives and strengthen the case for food sovereignty everywhere.

The dominant narrative around agriculture is centred around the need for food security. It tells us that in order to solve world hunger and to be food secure, we must apply scientific methods and improve crop yield to produce more food than ever before. But what if we told you that we already have more than enough food to go around? What if we told you that food security alone can never defeat hunger? What if we told you that hunger is merely a symptom of a much greater injustice, and the only way to weed it out is to confront legacies of power?


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