Bureau d’études (Fr)

Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt form the artist-duo Bureau d´études (Fr). For two decades, the group has been producing cartography of contemporary political, social and economic systems. In 2007 they co-founded the Laboratory Planet collective and journal with Ewen Chardronnet. For more than 15 years they are engaged in the Ferme de la Mhotte, a place outside the property located in center France, where a group of people organize their uses together to bring out a social project at the crossroads of culture, agriculture and education. Xavier Fourt and Léonore Bonaccini (member of the artists’ group Bureau d’études) have been active for more than 15 years in the territory, contributing to its development and structuring The School territory of the Valleys du Chamarron.


The School territory of the Valleys du Chamarron in the bocage is a prototype of a sustainable territory. In this territory of the future, which for the moment associates six entities, we are learning to live together by relying on a collective based on a collective approach started 45 years ago.

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