Cédric Carles (Fr)

Cédric Carles is a French-Swiss artist and designer. Change maker and community making artist, his work mixes an experimental approach with a tangible prospective reflection on our spatial and climatic environment. His projects go beyond the cult specific to design of the object, to open up to other disciplines, to the vast field of education and innovations, including social ones. Artist, transition designer and director of Atelier 21 in Paris, passionated about energy issues, Cédric Carles develops artistic and ecological interventions in the public space. He is today the driving force behind a vast network of actors working for energy transition. Carles is co-editor of Retrotech and Lowtech – how forgotten patents can shake the future (paleo-energy press, 2020)

Cécric Carles will present a global reflection on energy and climate issues, through their projects such as https://paleo-energetique.org/ a multi-collaborative project to list retro-technological inventions from the past and the future.


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