Dr. Rob La Frenais (Fr/Uk)

Dr. Rob La Frenais (Fr/UK) has been a contemporary art curator for 35 years, working internationally and creatively with artists entirely on original commissions. He has recently curated exhibitions in the US, Scotland, France, Liverpool and Doncaster, UK, Mexico,Taiwan and India. From 1997-2014, Rob was the curator of The Arts Catalyst (UK). He co-founded the Future of Transportation project at Srishti Institute, Bangalore in 2014, involving co-curating projects at KMB in the last two editions. He is a regular writer for Art Monthly, UK, and Makery.info (Fr) and recently co-edited the book Space Without Rockets.


Future of Transportation is an informal movement that looks at playful and slightly subversive bottom-up ways to solve the world’s transport problems. Founded at Srishti in 2014 by Rob La Frenais, Meena Vari and the late Sudipto Dasgupta, it involved radical strategies like holding classes on a suburban train on the outskirts of Bangalore and closing streets to traffic around the college in The Streets Belong to People. Working with international artists such as Tania Candiani from Mexico, Future of Transportation presented a collateral pavilion at a previous Kochi Biennale. It is also an active Facebook group with 3200 members.

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