Margaux Schwab - Food Culture Days (Ch)

Margaux Schwab (Ch/Mx, 1989) lives and works between Berlin, Germany, and Vevey, Switzerland. She is a cultural producer and curator working at the intersection of art, ecology and hospitality, prioritizing spaces outside the gallery context. In 2016, she founded foodculture days, a knowledge-sharing platform around food ecologies and politics. foodculture days serves as a catalyst for discussions and actions through environmental and social claims, employing a biennale format that hosts a multitude of creative and culinary interventions in Vevey.

foodculture days is a platform based in Vevey (Switzerland) interested in the intrinsic link between food and ecology trough artistic and creative practices. At a time when environmental and social issues affect an ever-increasing number of living organisms, our collective consciousness attempts to comprehend these matters. Following this ethos, foodculture days proposes moments of encounter where the vitality of our entanglements and the plurality of experiences can co-exist and be made visible. Through democratic and mostly free of cost formats, such as exhibitions, performances, interventions in public space, radio shows, street newspaper publishing, screenings and collective meals outside of the institutional context, foodculture days days wishes to be a space for exchange of knowledge and know-hows that apprehends global topics rooted in a local context.

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