Pauline Gillard – Les Jardins Suspendus - Belfort Art School (Fr)

Pauline Gillard is currently teaching the program of “Applied Ecology in Art Education” at the Belfort’s Art’s School. She is also the head of the cultural program and the school’s monitoring system. In 2017, she developed the project of the “Micro-Farms” for the city of Besançon. Since 2011, Pauline has been the artistic director of the association “Intermèdes Géographiques”, a structure dedicated to the realization of works of art in the public space and territorial matters. She has also taught at the National School of Dairy Industry and Biotechnology (ENILBIO) in the field of socio-culture.

Visual arts, Plastic arts and earth cultivation : an educational experience
For the first time in France in an art school, awareness of ecological issues is integrated into all our courses. Students have several ways to do this. They can work on the land during certain workshops, and they also have theoretical courses on biology and the living. This particularity aims to create in these future artists a different relationship to the world through biology, history, science, philosophy, agriculture and gardening. After a full year, they can develop an autonomy on how growing a culture and imagine a different future.

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