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Time’s Up is an Austrian organisation investigating the future everyday. Time’s Up creates explorable spaces in the context of possible futures, building physical stories that explore contemporary sociopolitical issues. Intrinsically transdisciplinary, their practice incorporates reflections within sociology, appropriate technology, economics, social justice, oceans, agriculture, the sciences and the arts. Recent work has included the experiential future physical narrative Turnton, prefigurative sail freight experiments, the future history of a SleepCoin and speculative AI-human scientific ocean exploration.
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In our talk we will look at some of the emerging networks of smaller traders operating at the fossil fuel free end of the shipping spectrum. Confronting the race to the bottom process of cheap everything, these activists, leveraging systems such as community supported supplies, permaculture and new economic models, are building trading and transport networks that seek to avoid the issues of climate crisis. Prefiguring the new economies as a form of hands on activism, these networks are opening ways to a new ecology of transport and trade. We will also dive into our work with prefiguring and imagining forms of this change, how the developments of sustainable networks might impact everyday life.

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