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Pepper House

X68W+WG3, TM Muhammad Rd, Kunnumupuram, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001, India


    • february 4, 2023
    • 18:00 Films Curated by Dr. Vasanthi Maria Dass, followed by a discussion with Vivek Vilasini, Maya Minder, Ewen Chardronnet18:00 - 20:30ScreeningsSpeakers: Dr. Vasanthi Mariadass (In), Ewen Chardronnet, Maya Minder (Ch), Vivek Vilasini (In)

Event Details

Deep Weather, Ursula Biemann, Video Essay, Switzerland, (2013) 9’
The film juxtaposes and speculates how deforestation in Canada affects the flooding in the Brahmaputra River (India) where perennial flooding is forcing amphibious living among the people of the region.

Acoustic Ocean, Ursula Biemann, Video Installation, Switzerland, (2018) 18’
The staging in this video is critical about spending enormously on space research and is concerned with the negligible attention to Ocean research. A woman from the Sami tribe plays a scientist and also a member of the tribe she is concerned about the reindeer perishing due to climate change; the icy surface makes it difficult for them to dig the lichens and other edibles beneath the icy surface.

Subatlantic, Ursula Biemann, Sci/fi Documentary, Switzerland, (2015)11’
Biemann describes the sound transmission at the bottom of the ocean as yet again a region more than ever neglected by any kind of research. An interesting point in the film is about the sonic recording by submarines from the second world war that is used to detect enemy activities. However, they had failed to decipher the sounds made by marine creatures.

Murmurs of the Jungle, Sohil Vaidya, Short, India, 2022, 20’,
Vaidya in his more recent work introduces stories whispered by the trees in the woods and by the people of a small village in the western ghats. These narratives become a bridge between the past and present. Moreover, they are eventually defining the symbiotic relationship of humans with nature.

Umi No Oya, Ewen Chardronnet & Maya Minder, HD video, France/Switerland, 2022, 14’30
In southern Japan, at the base of the Uto peninsula, inside Sumiyoshi park, near the shrine, there is a monument. The face of the monument is the profile of a bespectacled middle-aged woman wearing a button-down shirt, her gaze tilted slightly upward and into the distance, as if watching over the sea. Below the portrait is inscribed IN MEMORY OF MADAME KATHLEEN MARY DREW, D. Sc. – a British phycologist who died in 1957 at the age of 56, having never set foot in Japan.

Food Forest: encounter with Vivek Vilasini, Ewen Chardronnet & Maya Minder, 2023 19’59
In January 2023, during the Srishti Manipal Institute interim Festival of Ideas, a group of students of the group “Contained Multitude: a Handtaste of Complex Systems” visited artist Vivek Vilasini’s Food Forest in Alachan, Munnar, Kerala. They performed a collective dinner orchestrated by Maya Minder with Alaka Kavallur.

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Vasanthi Maria Dass (In)

    Dr. Vasanthi Maria Dass (In)


    Dr. Vasanthi Dass (In) did her MA and Ph.D. in Film Studies and Critical Theory from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, US. She is a faculty, researcher, and dean for New Humanities and Design at Srishti Manipal Institute for Art Design and Technology, Bengaluru.



  • Ewen Chardronnet (Fr)

    Ewen Chardronnet (Fr)


    Ewen Chardronnet (Fr) is a collective artist, author, journalist and curator. He is currently editor-in-chief of the bilingual web magazine Makery.info and coordinator of the Creative Europe cooperation programs “More-Than-Planet” (2022-2025) and “Rewilding Cultures” (2022-2026). In his work, he is interested in practices, tactics and speculations that connect artistic research and scientific knowledge to the creation of social situations that intertwine discourses and shifts of perspectives in the very fabric of society.



  • Maya Minder (Ch)

    Maya Minder (Ch)

    Following the Biohacker, Maker and Thirdspace movements, Zurich based Maya Minder uses grassroots ideas, safe zones and citizen science to enable collective story telling through food and cooking. After studying Art history at the University of Zurich and Fine Arts at Zurich University of Arts, she has been co-curating and organizing projects independently or within the International Hackteria Society. Within her Green Open Food Evolution project she creates entanglements between human commodities and animism of nature. “Cooking transforms us” is a framework Minder weaves like a strings through her work. Cooking serves her to reveal the metaphor of the human transformation of raw nature into cooked culture, fostering evolutionary ideas of a symbiotic co-existence between plants, animals and humans.

  • Vivek Vilasini (In)

    Vivek Vilasini (In)


    Vivek Vilasini (In) is a multimedia artist, trained as a Radio Officer at the All India Marine College, Kerala, India and then in sculptural practices from traditional craftspeople. His artistic intervention of ‘Munnar food forest’ to address society’s everyday concerns about food and water started off in 2008. Vivek’s works has been shown at numerous international exhibitions and festivals. Vivek’s Munnar food forest is one of the first inspirations of this soil assembly.


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In May 2025 the second regional soil assembly , after India in 2023, will be celebrated in the community of La Chimba in the highlands of Ecuador under the name of Tinku Uku Pacha or Asamblea del Suelo.

As part of this process we will translate The Laboratory Planet #6 to Spanish and a new regional soil assembly publication will be developed.

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